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Shifting power, building opportunities.

A program of the Center for Cultural Innovation

A Change in Name

… is coming! Last year we embarked in a name change journey that we are in the process of iterating. Learn more about this journey and what’s next here.

What kinds of fully expressive, productive, and joyful lives might we help liberate?

Imagine a world where everyone–regardless of job, identity, or ability–knows that their basic needs are protected.

Artists understand the power of imagination as a tool for social transformation. Culture shapes not just what is, but what might be–what problems we solve and how we solve them. But imagination does not belong to artists alone.

All workers deserve the opportunity to imagine and build a new world of work. What if by reimagining broadly, as creatives do, we started with the visions of the most unprotected gig workers and those historically deemed ‘undeserving’?

How might that choice pave a path to protections for all, and an end to the inequities that undermine our safety net today? What shifts in community power could we dare dream, demand, and fight to deliver? We hope you’ll join us on the journey to find out.

Imagining Social Protections for All

We partnered with the Urban Institute to convene worker advocates and movement leaders to reimagine new systems of protection for nontraditional and excluded workers, and were so inspired by what we heard.

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A Change in Name

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