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Sharing knowledge, insights, and tools to support our collective journey toward liberated work

Learning Together

The journey toward liberated work is a collective one. That’s why we share resources that we find (or sometimes create) that advance a broader vision of protections for all. We hope this space will become a living library for folks who are on the journey with us, and a place to amplify the incredible work of so many people working to expand social and economic protections for all.

Arts and Gig Workers Need a More Inclusive Safety Net

With support from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, we commissioned a report by the Urban Institute to help arts advocates, labor advocates, and policy makers create more inclusive systems that expand protections and benefits for all types of workers.

Read the Report
Protections & Benefits
Non-Fungible Tokens and Intellectual Property: A Report to Congress

United States Patent and Trademark Office

United States Copyright Office

Gig Worker Research
Building Bridges
Arts Worker Supports Issue Brief

Cultural Advocacy Group

Building Bridges
Artist Ownership
NFTs, Smart Contracts, & DAOs

Alex Glancy at Gundzik Gundzik Heeger LLP

Gig Worker Research
Gig Worker Learning Project: Phase One Report
The Workers Lab

The Workers Lab

The Aspen Institute Future of Work Initiative

Aspen Institute Future of Work Initiative

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Organizationssolving for new systems

With so many inspiring groups to amplify, we’ll be updating this list often!

Liberation in a Generation

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Next River

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Unemployed Workers United

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