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Opportunities and challenges of NFTs

Can arts workers use blockchain technologies to build economic power?

We’re excited about the opportunities blockchain technologies offer for arts workers to control and derive economic benefits from their work. However, lack of information, tools, and means to exert collective power may undermine the potential of these technologies to deliver greater self-determination to creators, especially those from marginalized communities. 

Courtesy of Stocksy. NFT concept image painted on a brick wall Free Photo. Photo by Sanuar Husen.

We’re in the early stages of advocating for artists’ ownership rights in this space. We want to make sure that advocacy is rooted in the lived experiences of artists working in this space. Have a blockchain technology experience story to share?  We’d love to hear it here!

Share your NFT story

Thank you so much for sharing your story! We will use these examples to shape our advocacy on this topic, and may reach out to you for more information, or to let you know about opportunities to advance social and economic protections for all.

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