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May 2019 / Building Bridges

Targeted Universalism

Policy & Practice
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john a. powell, Stephen Menendian, Wendy Ake

The Othering & Belonging Institute at the University of California, Berkeley advances groundbreaking research, policy, and ideas that examine and remediate the processes of exclusion, marginalization, and structural inequality—what we call othering—in order to build a world based on inclusion, fairness, justice, and care for the earth—what we call belonging.

Targeted Universalism offers an inspiring framework for those who want to reimagine new systems for all, while closing the opportunity gaps that are embedded in today’s systems for many historically marginalized groups.

Targeted Universalism encourages us to dream big about the world we want to build, and set universal goals that apply to all of us, as humans. And then it encourages us to look with clear eyes at the inequities embedded in and reinforced by our current systems, and craft targeted strategies to make sure that all truly means ALL, and that everyone achieves those universal goals.

We’re not only inspired by the framework, but also all the helpful tools that our friends at the Othering and Belonging Institute have published to make the framework actionable.

Check them out below!

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