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March 10, 2023 / Protections & Benefits

Exploring opportunities to build a portable benefits DAO

Sian Morson

Sian Morson is leading the Sol Center for Liberated Work’s efforts to develop portable benefits via DAO structures. Sian is a visionary thought-leader, blockchain enthusiast, and Web3 innovator working at the center of emerging technology, NFTs, community development, and public speaking. Throughout her successful career, Sian has had the opportunity to build an arsenal of both technical and creative skills that have helped her transform businesses, optimize high-performing teams, and accelerate the growth of top-tier brands.

I am thrilled to partner with the incredible staff at the Center for Cultural Innovation (CCI) in the creation of a new endeavor to reimagine traditional employer-worker benefits structures by creating PB&J: Protections, Benefits, & Joy. 

This new decentralized organization will strive for fairness and equity for all workers previously excluded from existing benefit systems by building new solutions–more commonly known as ‘portable benefits’–within a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) structure, to enable distributed ownership and governance at scale. 

Over the course of my professional journey, I have always focused on creating and sustaining environments that are safe for all individuals who occupy them. This has applied to both tech, venture capital, and Web3, which I entered in early 2021. Throughout this time, my dedication to making sure these digital spaces were inclusive and equitable for those most vulnerable or disadvantaged was a constant priority.

A guy and a girl are running. Sports competitions. Illustration of three young people running a marathon
Courtesy of Stocksy. Marathon. Photo by Kate Derevyanko.

The origin story behind The BlkChain began from my unwavering commitment towards achieving equity in representational communities by advocating for marginalized artists. It is what pushed me forward into becoming more involved in blockchain technology and its effects on artists of color.

I became familiar with Sol Center through a workshop held by one of CCI’s grantees in Los Angeles in 2019. Through those connections and newfound ones with members of the Sol Center Team, we have discovered new ways to explore and drive positive change around representation. This leads us to my work with them today and the joy that we’re working to make possible for all.

We are determined to revolutionize worker protections and challenge capitalism’s oppressive influence that has normalized extractive economic conditions and a system that ties too much of our worth to the products of our labor. Our outlook involves embracing novel approaches so those who are disenfranchised have access to essential dignities not acquirable within their current framework; a framework which simply does not work anymore.

This new way of providing equitable benefits is far more expansive than the concept of ‘portable benefis’. It seeks to disrupt an outdated system that perpetuates inequality in favor of a fairer, more accessible approach for workers who may slip through the cracks.  

In the coming weeks, we’ll be building out our Minimum Viable Community of fellow travelers to co-create with us. Look out for opportunities to join us! 

Together we can create a meaningful solution–one rooted not solely in capitalism but instead centers and enables dignity for all individuals involved.

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