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Sign the Petition: Protections for All

We’re telling lawmakers that all workers – regardless of how they work – deserve social and economic protections
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Courtesy of Stocksy. Photo by Beatrix Boros.

Why does your job determine SO MUCH about your life? 

What if we embraced the idea that everyone, regardless of their employment status, deserves a suite of protections to ensure their security and stability, as well as time to care for themselves, their families, and their communities? 

What if we reimagined a system that does not extract from workers but is additive–imbuing them with abundance and the inalienable right to protections and possibilities? 

We’re calling on lawmakers to align around a shared goal – across issue areas and policy disciplines – that all workers, regardless of their employment status, should have access to the social and economic protections they need to live full, joyful lives. 

Your work should not determine:

  • Whether you have access to health care
  • Whether you can take time off work to care for yourself or others
  • Whether you can pay your bills if you lose your job or can’t work
  • Whether you can afford basic essentials like food, clothing or housing
  • Whether you can retire

Will you join us in advocating for protections for all?

We, the undersigned, believe that all workers, regardless of employment status, deserve social and economic protections. 

Thank you so much for joining this call to action! We plan to share signatories’ names and hometowns with lawmakers who can enact the changes we’re calling for, but will only use your email address to keep you posted on future opportunities to advance social and economic protections for all.

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